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Separation Can Be

We ensure you have the legal insights necessary to make informed decisions with confidence and certainty at any stage of the separation process.

You choose the level of strategic advice and support you need to suit your particular circumstances.

How we Can Help

Just advice

Just advice

This is helpful if you are just recently separated and you just want to know your rights and obligations. Or perhaps you are at a point where you are stuck in your matter and don’t know what you should do next.

Drafting support

Drafting support

You are self-representing and would like a family lawyer to review and edit your documents. Legal advice provided only if requested.



You run the show and are self-represented. However, we coach you along the journey, advising you what to say and do from behind the scenes.

Legal Representation

Legal Representation

From start to end, we manage your matter. We appear on your behalf and act as your legal representative at any mediation, negotiation or court events. You provide the information and we carry you through the process giving you strategic advice. If in court, we are recorded as solicitor on the record.

what is your dispute?


Parenting arrangements need to be in the best interests of the child.

This is achieved through 4 key rights and obligations...

Financial & Property

Property entitlements depend on the financial and non-financial contributions you make in a relationship.

The Family Court uses a 5-step test to determine property division...

Child Support Issues

Child support is usually an administrative process through the government authority.

Complex matters may require Court applications...

Divorce applications

Divorce can be a straight forward process for most couples.

However some have more complex needs...

Victims of Crime Compensation

All states and territories have government schemes under which victims of violent crimes can seek compensation for their injuries. Let us help you with your application.

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Family law Can Be

We are in the 21st Century and clients are too sophisticated to accept the traditional fee charging structure of $x in 6-minute increments for every phone call and email.

We provide legal services in a cost-effective manner and you choose the legal support you need. We also show you options for how you can keep legal costs down.

What do our clients say

The result far exceeded my expectations.

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